3 year old safe after car was stolen

2 December at 19:50 ·
WA: 3-year-old safe after car was stolen
December 2, 2016 7:33pm

The three-year-old WA boy who was inside a car which was allegedly stolen from East Victoria Park has been found unharmed. WA Police said the boy, Joseph, as well as the vehicle, were found just before 4 pm on Gloucester Street in East Victoria Park. Joseph is now at home with his parents awaiting a check-up by St John paramedics, they added.

Now I don’t want to judge here, we all know that you don’t leave kids in cars alone, but who knows the circumstances behind that decision.
We don’t and everyone makes wiser decisions in hindsight. What we do know are the repercussions of this decision. Her car was stolen with her child inside and this mother is very lucky that her child is safe and appeared unharmed.

How different could this scenario have been? The car thief may have been opportunistic in regards to a young child.  This is every parent’s worst nightmare.    He could have been in a high-speed chase with police, ending in an accident.  He could have just done a runner and left the car and child in the sun.  As we know all areas these days are unsafe for children alone, and I’ll bet my bottom dollar he would not have left the car outside a day care centre or hospital.

I don’t know how many hours the child was missing, but from experience I can tell you, if you don’t know where your child is, every minute seems like an eternity.

We have been testing “The Tile App” with great success. It is not promoted by the company as a way of finding lost children. It is only marketed for finding your keys and wallet. We found that the original tile app fits perfectly when secured by shoe laces or clothing with a drawstring. If the child is within 30m of your phone, you can call the tile and a tone will sound. This is ideal when you are looking for your child when shopping and they are playing hide and seek up the next aisle.

If the tile is more than the Bluetooth range, it will contact other phones that are running the app to try to identify its location. The more people with the app on their phone, the better the chance of kids being found. The app is free, you just have to install it and create an account.

If a phone with the app running in the background was also in the car when it was stolen, the device would be trackable while ever there was cell phone service from any computer on the internet, including the police. A very cheap way of tracking a car is with an android phone for under $200.00 and a prepaid $10 data sim. If it is in the car connected to a power source running the tile app it is trackable. You don’t even need a tile.

If you don’t have any children that you want to track, buy the tiles and use the app to find your keys. Either way, you will be helping our cause.

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dartFrog Cloud: 3 year old safe after car was stolen

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