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dartFrog Cloud Business

Why do you need dartFrog Cloud Business?

Why? To save you time and money.

I know from my tech support business, if I get very busy, I make no money. I get home and I am tired so I decide to do the billing the next day and when I get to the next day I get busy again. When I finally get to invoicing, I can’t remember where I was or what I did.

dartFrog Cloud Business will make you money and save you time. It is designed to be simple and easy to use. It is a subscription-only system and your subscription can be managed via the contact form below. With a valid subscription, you are able to access the Management Dashboard. The Management Dashboard allows you to add users, clients, and vehicles.

Who will use dartFrog Cloud business

dartFrog Cloud Business is designed to help the single user Tradie or the managed office with 100 staff on the road. It is currently used by real estate agents to manage their staff that are visiting properties. They record their travel logs and time sheets. They have start time, finish time and GPS locations to prove they are on site.

If your landlords or tenants complain about staff not turning up on time and you know that they were there on time and at the right location, it can save complaints about staff and reaffirm you business competency.

Staff safety is important and dartFrog Cloud Business provides a panic button linked to managers and guardians for support. An email will be sent automatically with your GPS location and panic alert requesting assistance.

This business system can be incorporated into your office workplace health and safety policy. You as a business owner will be aware of your staff location and if they are in a panic situation. You are able to monitor a panic request and send immediate help to the right location.

Show an Example or Use Case.

I use the dartFrog Cloud Business system every day. It has become a habit and I automatically record all business activity throughout the day. When I get home, I have an email for each time that I have activated a function on the app. I move all the emails to a dartLog folder on my Gmail and leave them for later when I need to do my car log and invoicing. If staff needed to fill out time sheets, they just have to open their email and all the information is available.

To record information, an valid account is required. Contact us via the form below for assistance.

  1. Click the start travel button.
  2. Select the client
  3. Enter your vehicle odometer value
  4. When you arrive on site, click the finish travel button
  5. Enter your Odometer value.

The travel email is sent with your travel details and GPS attached.

  1. When you Start Work, click the Start Work Button
  2. Select the client site
  3. When you finish work, click finish work button.
  4. enter a number for minutes if you have had private time – (lunch – 30)

The time timesheet is created and sent via email with client and GPS details.

If you need to claim an expense. Click the receipt capture button. Enter the amount of the expense and take a photo of the receipt. It will automatically be emailed so you can claim your expense against a client.

How much does dartFrog Cloud Business cost?

Download the dartFrog Cloud Business Soho App for free from the App store or Google play. To use the App you need a subscription. Prices starting at $7.99 for a single user license. If you need access to the manager dashboard, multiple licenses and customized reporting, please contact our team via the contact form below.

 What platform will it run on?

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Whats Happening and Your Say?

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If you are using dartFrog Cloud Business, let me know your story.
We can also discuss how to use the app and any features you think should be included in the next upgrade. Thank you for taking the time to contribute.

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