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dartfrog cloud securityWhy do you need dartFrog Cloud?

dartFrog cloud is designed to let your guardian know when you are starting a journey or task that you think needs to be monitored. If you are not feeling 100% confident in your personal safety, you should let someone know. dartFrog Cloud takes the work and frustration out of emergency communications. You have 2 buttons to use. Follow Me and I’m Safe.

Who will use dartFrog Cloud

I designed the app for my son and his friends. They are just old enough to start walking home from High School. The dartFrog Cloud app is free to use and will keep young minds focused on their safety by forming a habit. The app will perform its designated tasks, but the user will think about their personal safety every day when they activated the app.

This heightened awareness has an important role to play in the personal safety of the user. The app user will be able to avoid danger earlier because they are aware of their surroundings. If they form the habit of hitting the “follow me” button before they take on dangerous tasks, they will think about the dangers around them and be more prepared for any outcome.

Show an Example or Use Case.

Each day they come out of school they know to activate the “follow me” button on their phone. This sends a “follow me” email request to their guardians to make sure they get home safely. If they don’t hit the “I’m safe” button on arrival back home, the dartFrog Cloud app will send an “out of time” message to let the guardian know that the “I’m Safe” response was not activated in time. Community nurses, sexy singles on a blind date or just finishing late and walking home on your own from the bus stop are all good reasons to use

How much does dartFrog Cloud cost?

$0. There are no advertising pop-ups and no in app purchases, The application is free in Google play and Apple Store.

 What platform will it run on?

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What’s Happening and Your Say!

Warren Here.

If you are using the dartFrog Cloud App, let me know your story.
We can also discuss how to use the app and any features you think should be included in the next upgrade. Thank you for taking the time to contribute.

Changes to dartFrog Cloud.

We are moving the countdown clock to the Guardian dashboard. It will be more accurate and not be restricted when the phone is asleep or turned off. The Guardian dashboard will display the countdown clock initiated by the “Follow Me” request. We are also adding more features to the Guardian dashboard to help the Guardian know how you are feeling and if you need help. Your Guardian will be able to communicate with you via the “Guardian Chat” window. No more SMS or phone calls required.

Stay Safe.