Keep children safe when walking home from school.

Thank you for being part of the conversation. I want to keep my son safe. I want to know where he is and whether he is safe or in trouble. I want to be able to find him quickly if he is in trouble so that I can help him and protect him. Young teens can get into trouble and need help at any time, they often hang about with other teenagers and this is a major concern for me. I have had feedback from other parents and grandparents that tell me that their teenage children will not use any security process because they don’t want to be tracked or have their parents know where they are or what they are doing. I respect that and needed to come up with a process that would give the app users respect and dignity but also let their guardians know that their children or friends are safe.

So, how does this work?
Let’s take for example a 12-year-old child that walks or rides their bike to and from school each day. I always here the stories of vans reported near schools or attempted abduction and it just freaks me out. In this day and age of technology, it hasn’t made our kids any safer, it has just provided more access to the stories and therefore I think I am just hearing more about it than I use to.

With my friend Jo, we decided to come up with a process that could help. It’s a little bit old school for some of the teens of today because it involves letting your parents and guardians know where you are and when you will arrive. Now I know that I have no chance of a teen calling me and having a conversation just to let me know that they are walking home from school, that it will take 30 minutes and that they have arrived safely.

But what if all they had to do was press one button on their phone when they were leaving school and press another button when they arrived. That’s dartFrog Coud.
No continuous tracking of their whereabouts.

When they are leaving school to head home, they press the “Follow Me” button. An email is sent to the guardian or guardians whichever they choose, telling the guardian that they are taking the journey and the ETA of their arrival. There is a GPS link of their current location so you can trace back if something goes wrong.

When they arrive safely at their destination, they press the “I’m Safe” button and another email is sent to their guardians saying thanks for following me, I have arrived and I am safe. They do have to enter their secret code to allow the I’m safe message to be sent. If they get it wrong or someone else tries to hit the “I’m safe” button, another email is sent saying that it may just be a mistake but the wrong code was entered and the guardian should follow-up to make sure they are OK. Again the GPS coordinates are included with the phone number.

The tracking is controlled by the user and only active when the buttons are pressed. They can have a panic button, that sends all the sensory information around them including GPS and Photos. Again it only operates when they press the button or they can just send an “I’m safe” button. Just to let you know.
No stalking or asking what are you up to, just I’m safe makes all the difference.

We keep each other safe.

dartFrog CLoud: Keeping kids and young adults safe!

Warren Here.

If you are using the dartFrog Cloud App, let me know your story. If you have kids or young adults, how do you do it?
We can also discuss how to use the app and any features you think should be included in the next upgrade.

Thank you for taking the time to contribute.

Stay Safe.


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